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02 April 2012 @ 02:57 am
[sticky post]  

1. I am your moderator, inhaltslos. Feel free to contact me with any issues or questions you have about the community. I'm online off and on throughout the day while I am at work and check LiveJournal in the morning. Though I may not have the opportunity to fix your problem that very second due to real-life responsibilities, I will handle the issue as soon as possible.

2. Stay on topic. 

3. Before you post, have a look at the memories section of the community. The celebrity you're interested in might already have an entry, however, check to see if the post has broken links or incorrect information, and if so, post it again.
        3a. And before you post, "Hey, whatever happened to ... ?" take a minute to do some research on your own. IMDB is an excellent resource for everyone who's EVER been in a movie or TV show. Chances are, you'll be able to find something there. Please also use the resources from this post as well, if necessary. And isn't it more fun to share something cool you've found than it is to ask for other people to share cool stuff that they've found?
        3b. When posting, please put the title of your post in the subject. It makes it easier for me to add your post to the memories.

4. Put large pictures behind an LJ cut, out of courtesy to those members running dialup connections or checking LiveJournal from their phones. Use common sense here. One  photo outside the cut is ok. Fifteen aren't. If you don't already know how to  put something behind a cut, it's discussed in-depth under the "Help" heading on the Livejournal navigation bar. Here is a quick code you can use for cuts as well (remove the stars):

5. No flaming, spamming or trolling. Flaming is inappropriate attacks on other users. Spamming is posting off-topic stuff, especially off-topic posts promoting anything at all. Trolling is saying something for the purpose of starting a flame-war. All three of these actions will get you banned on the spot.

6. Warnings and bans. Any other infractions will result in a warning. There is no second warning. Second offenders will be banned outright. Considering the size of this community, there have only been a few incidents which have resulted in bans.

7. If your LJ cut-text is too long, if your code doesn't work, if there are broken links and/or images in your post, or ugly chunks of HTML sticking out of your text, then your post WILL be rejected, usually with a polite request that you fix it and resubmit.

8. NO HOTLINKING. If you hotlink, your picture will unexpectedly go away.

9. Don't be rude. In case item #5 was not clear enough, play nice. If there are already fifty comments telling the OP to put in an LJ cut, adding another and including a few choice profanities detailing the irregularity of the OP's birth or their resemblance to a female canine is NOT necessary.