lou (parkyourcar) wrote in howtheylooknow,

Harriet the Spy, 1996

I didn't see it in the memories anywhere, so I was thinking about Harriet the Spy. I'm sure it (as well as the book) inspired many a girl, like myself, to don a spy kit and peek around her neighbours for juicy information.

Harriet M. Welsch - Michelle Trachtenburg

Michelle is 21, and best known for her role on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and as a co-star of EuroTrip.

Sport - Gregory Smith

Yummy Gregory Smith is best known for Ephram Brown on Everwood. He's 24 and has 2 movies coming out within the year.

Janie Gibbs - Vanessa Lee Chester

Vanessa is currently 23, and this is the latest picture I could find of her, from 2001. She's been in quite a number of TV shows in the past few years.

Marion Hawthorne - Charlotte Sullivan

She's 23 and working on a few projects recently.

Beth Ellen Hansen - Cecilley Carroll

This appears to be her Myspace...

Boy with the Purple Socks - Dov Tiefenbach

He's in the middle..obviously. He's 25 and any Canadian will recognize this kid from their childhood. He's in a self-proclaimed "dirty indie pop" band out of Toronto, and has a movie coming out this year.
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