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so here's the story of a young lad whose first acting spot came in "Bleak House" in 1985, a standard BBC serial. He plays young Felix Pardiggle, unfortunate child of a terrible eager and determined lady.

He studied hard at school, went to Cambridge where he was part of the Cambridge Footlights troupe, then got into television comedy. He moved to the US, married an Iraq veteran, and is now poking the establishment hard!

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Poke Poke

How's everyone doing?!
Just so you all know, I still check the queue to see if new members or posts need to be approved for the group. It's a page I check two times a day without fail, so if you are interested in making a post, don't think all your hard work will go to nothing. As soon as I see it, I'll get it published.

With that being said, I'll leave you with a bit o' Miley because I'm sure you haven't seen enough of her in the media at all.

Streets of Fire (1984)

One of my favorites! If you haven't watched Streets of Fire, you're missing out on one of the greatest action movies of all-time.

It's so much better goin' nowhere fast.

Cast: Diane Lane / Michael Paré / Willem Dafoe / Amy Madigan / Rick Moranis / Bill Paxton.

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Crazy in Circles!!

The Heavenly Kid-1985

This past week found my spouse in another province on business, which meant that I got to watch anything I wanted. Naturally, I chose the awesomely 80s 'The Heavenly Kid'.

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"The Heavenly Kid (Out on the Edge)" by John Fiore. Now that my girl is back, I am going to torment her with it. 
Autumn Tree


Does anyone remember this movie? It's a favorite of mine and before moving abroad, I owned it on VHS. Last night I watched it on YouTube and it was fantastic to see it again!

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L to R: Joanna Chilcoat, Alana Allen, Sasha Allen, Daniel Letterle, Robin de Jesus, Tiffany Taylor.

[For The Want of a Nail]