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Student Bodies

I was talking to my friend the other day (liposeduction) and he was wondering what the cast from Student Bodies looked like now.


Jamie Elman as Cody

he did American Dreams for a few years and i think he got cuter

Nicole Lyn as Emily

she married Dule Hill and guest starred on the west wing

Ross Hull as Chris

i couldn't find any recent pictures, but apparently he's on The Weather Network now lol

Katie Emme McIninch as Mags

she's done tv mostly, but liposeduction says he heard she's doing theatre work

Miklos Perlus as Victor

lol he was in the Osmond movie a few years ago...I think he's the second from the right. oh and he writes a lot now, he even wrote some of the new degrassi episodes

Jessica Goldapple as Flash

i could only find an old picture of her

Mark Taylor as Romeo

he looks the same, he hasn't done much since drop the beat and an episode of a lusty tv show bliss

Victoria Sanchez as Grace

she was in this movie called wolf girl

Katheryn Winnick as Holly

i don't really remember her character, but she's done more film and tv work than most of the rest

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