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03 February 2008 @ 03:01 pm
Eight is Enough  
I checked the memories and didn't see this favorite show of mine from childhood, so here goes.

Be kind, this is my first entry here and it took me 3 hours to complete!

Oh, and sorry some of the photos are so small. They're the best ones I could find of that particular cast member.


First, cast photos ...

The original cast photo ...

Cast photos with step-mom, Abby ...
Cast Photo 2

Cast Photo 3

Cast Photo 4

Cast Photo 5


Final Cast Photo from "An Eight is Enough Wedding" (1989)

David's Wedding

And now the cast ...

Dick Van Patten aka Tom Bradford

Then: 1977

Now (2007): 2007

At 79 years old, still going strong as an actor. He's currently working on three films.

Diana Hyland aka Joan Bradford

Then: 1977

Fall 1976 (One of her final photos): 1977

Sadly, she died after making only two episodes. She died of cancer March 27, 1977. She was dating John Travolta at the time and actually died in his arms. :(

Betty Buckley as Sandra Sue "Abby" (Abbott) Bradford

Then: 1977

Now (2007): 2007

At 60, still going strong as an actress (and still looking fabulous, I must say). She not only has two films in production, but she's a Tony Award winner with an extensive Broadway career, including being in the original production of "Cats" (her version of "Memory" will make the hair stand up on the back of your neck), as well as starring in "Sunset Boulevard," "Carrie" (she was in the film and the Broadway musical), "Triumph of Love," "Song & Dance," "Pippin" and more. She also has a phenomenal voice and has released 12 albums, with a new one coming out soon.

Grand Goodeve as David Bradford

Then: 1977

Now (2007): 2007

Is still acting, plus also is currently the host of the Seattle-based outdoor/travel show "Northwest Backroads." He's 55 years old, has been married for 30 years and has three children.

Joan Prather as Janet Bradford, David's first wife

Then: 1977

Most Recent I Could Find: 1996?

Hasn't acted since "An Eight is Enough Wedding" in 1989. Have no idea what she's been doing since then. She's currently 57 years old.

Lani O'Grady as Mary Bradford

Then: 1977

One of her final photos (1989): 1989

Her final acting stint was as Mrs. Kramer on "Days of Our Lives" in 1990. Sadly, she died of an accidental drug overdose September 25, 2001. :( If she were still alive today, she'd be 53 years old (actually younger than Laurie Walters and Susan Richardson, though she portrayed their older sister). I was so sad when she died. She was my favorite "child" on the show.

Laurie Walters as Joanie Bradford

Then: 1979 - Match Game appearance

Most Recent I Could Find (1989): 1989

Last acting job was as Mrs. Norris on an episode of "Evening Shade" in 1993. As of 1999, she is married, lives in LA and works as an environmentalist (according to IMDb). According to Wikipedia, more recently, she has directed theater productions in Ojai, California under her married name Laurie Walters Slade. She's 61 years old -- actually older than Betty Buckley, who played her step-mother on the show!

Susan Richardson as Susan Bradford Stockwell

Then: 1977

Most Recent I Could Find (1989): 1989

Last acting job was "An Eight is Enough Wedding" in 1989. She's has some mental issues since the show went off the air, but seems to be doing better now, according to an interview I saw with her about 5-6 years ago. As of 2000, she's been working as a caretaker in a nursing home in Pennsylvania. She's 55 years old and has one daughter.

Brian Patrick Clarke as Merle "The Pearl" Stockwell, Susan's husband

Then: 1979

Now (2007): http://tinyurl.com/2nb8la (The IMDb won't let me save the photo, but you can see it by clicking that link).

At 55, Brian is still acting, with two films in production and many television appearances in the past two decades. He's married with two sons.

Dianne Kay as Nancy Bradford

Then: 1977

Most Recent I Could Find (1989): 1989

Last acting job was on "Diagnosis Murder" in 1999, as Anne Weber. According to the IMDb, since then, she lives in Los Angeles and is a full-time mom to her son. She's 53 years old.

Connie (Newton) Needham as Elizabeth Bradford

Then: 1977

Now (2007): 2007

Last acting job was as a waitress on an episode of "Ellen" in 1995. She currently teaches dancing at the Jimmie DeFore Dance Center in Costa Mesa, California: http://www.deforedance.com/facultybio_needham.htm. She's 48 years old and is married with two daughters.

Willie Aames as Tommy Bradford

Then: 1977

Now (2007): 2007

A born-again Christian, he stars in the Christian video series, "Bibleman": http://www.dkmk.com/pics/bibleman. He's 47 years old and is twice married with two children.

Adam Rich as Nicholas Bradford

Then: 1977

Most Recent (2006): 2006

His last acting job was in an episode of "Baywatch" in 1993, where he played a character named Ethan. He's been arrested numerous times for drug problems, DUIs, shoplifting and breaking and entering. According to Wikipedia, he currently owns four Americas Tires stores in and around the Sacramento area. Want to feel old? He'll be 40 this coming October!

Additional cast members ...

Ralph Macchio as Jeremy, Abby's nephew

Then: 1980

Now (2007): 2007

At age 46, he's still acting. Best known as "The Karate Kid," he's married and has two children.

Jennifer Darling as Donna, Tom's loyal secretary

Then: 1977

Now (2007): 2006

She has done a phenomenal amount of voice-over work in the past 25 years: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0201373/. She's also a former "Gene Kelly Dancer." She has her own website: http://www.jenniferdarling.com/store.htm. She's 61 years old and has one child.

Michele Greene as Jill, Tommy's high school girlfriend

Then: Some '80s movie

Now (2007): 2007

Still acting. Was an original cast member on "L.A. Law" (was on the show from 1986 to 1991), and was most recently on "Cold Case." I didn't know this myself until doing this research, but she's also a well-known Hispanic singer: Michele Dominguez Greene. Her recent photo is from her latest album. She happens to be 46 years old today.

Michael Thoma as Dr. Greg Maxwell, Tom's best friend and the family doctor

Then: 1977

Sadly, he died September 3, 1982. No cause of death is given on the IMDb. He was a cast member on the television version of "Fame" when he died. He was only 55 years old. :(

Janis Paige as Auntie V, Tom's sister

Then: 1980s

Now (2007): 2007

This Broadway, television and film actress is now 85. She last appeared on "Family Law" in 2001. She's been married three times (twice divorced, then widowed), but has no children that I know of. I'm assuming she's now retired.

James Karen as Elliot Randolph, Tom's boss at the newspaper

Then: 1995 -- This was the oldest photo I could find of him, but he didn't look a whole lot different than when on the show.

Now (2007): 2007

A veteran actor of Broadway, television and film, he's still acting at age 84. He's twice married and has one child.

Oh, how I wish they'd release this great television series on DVD!!!
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ignatius thistlewhitebeans4bina on February 3rd, 2008 10:32 pm (UTC)
Dick Van Patten was just on Rob and Big this week
Krispy: I Am A Tiger!krispyxf on February 3rd, 2008 11:41 pm (UTC)
What is Rob and Big?
The pointless snide remarks of hammerheaded sharksstargazer83 on February 3rd, 2008 11:51 pm (UTC)
Hilarious show focused on the adventures of Rob (a famous skater with money that he spends on silly things) and his lovable bodyguard, Big.

I'm completely addicted to that show. It cracks my shit up without fail.
ignatius thistlewhitebeans4bina on February 4th, 2008 12:08 am (UTC)
so true. best show on mtv. no question.
Camp Runamuckasummercamp on February 3rd, 2008 10:32 pm (UTC)
Good post!
Krispy: Remington Steele Yay!krispyxf on February 3rd, 2008 11:41 pm (UTC)
Thank you! :)
nothxjiai1 on February 3rd, 2008 10:35 pm (UTC)
These posts take forever to put together, don't they??
Mine took a little over 2 hours earlier. lol

Nice work. I loved Ralph Macchio and WTF happened to Willie Ames? He was crazy on "Celebrity Fit Club."
PZeldapzelda on February 3rd, 2008 10:58 pm (UTC)
The one other scary thing about Willie is that he basically hasn't aged. His hair isn't as crazy now, but geez. I could pick him out of a crowd! LOL!
.foreverbeingnow on February 3rd, 2008 10:36 pm (UTC)
Susan Richardson lives 5 minutes from me :)
she used to come into my Denny's all the time when I worked there, and we had an autographed photo at the Mailboxes ETC I worked in years ago.

lol. I still can't believe she was famous.
Krispy: Steele and Laura Grow Closerkrispyxf on February 3rd, 2008 11:42 pm (UTC)
Wow, cool! :)

Was she nice in person?
.foreverbeingnow on February 4th, 2008 06:48 am (UTC)
yeah, she was ok :)
Screw Them All To Death, I'm Sick of This Crapxforge on February 3rd, 2008 10:48 pm (UTC)
Weell, Elizabeth still looks awesome, as I pretty much expected.

I heart Dick Van Patten; he does schtick comedy so well.

ultimateairn on February 3rd, 2008 10:52 pm (UTC)
i ♥ Bibleman.
PZeldapzelda on February 3rd, 2008 10:56 pm (UTC)
Ah, Willie Aames. I loved him alongside Scott Baio on Charles in Charge. :)

Oh, BTW, Michele is 46 today, not 45. You might want to fix that - just a heads up. :)

Edited at 2008-02-03 10:59 pm (UTC)
Krispy: Moonlight on waterkrispyxf on February 3rd, 2008 11:43 pm (UTC)
Thanks! I fixed it. :)
Suzy F'in Homemaker: vegas babyi_am_frail on February 3rd, 2008 11:36 pm (UTC)
Want to feel old? He'll be 40 this coming October!

HEY I'll be 40 this October! You made ME feel old LOL
Krispy: Mommy and Mary Katekrispyxf on February 3rd, 2008 11:44 pm (UTC)
Hee! Don't feel bad. I just turned 40 this past Monday. So far, it's been great. :)
Suzy F'in Homemakeri_am_frail on February 4th, 2008 01:31 am (UTC)
Happy Belated Birthday! :) Nice to have new friends!!
Krispykrispyxf on February 4th, 2008 04:10 am (UTC)
Thanks! And yes, it is. :)
spout_mercuryspout_mercury on February 4th, 2008 01:01 am (UTC)
Adam Rich kinda looks like Jack Osborne there...
Krispy: Adorable Boneskrispyxf on February 4th, 2008 04:11 am (UTC)
LOL! Yeah, he kinda does, but is better looking. :)
There's a man out there! On the wing of the plane!mmmmjournal on February 4th, 2008 02:20 am (UTC)
Having never seen the show, the only ones I've heard of were:

Dick Van Patten (I know him from "Spaceballs" and "Robin Hood: Men In Tights")

Ralph Macchio (Aside from "The Karate Kid," you might have seen him in "My Cousin Vinny")


Willie Aames (most famous for "The Blue Lagoon" with a half-naked and not-entirely-legal Brooke Shields). Apparently he was on an episode of "1 vs. 100" that I missed.
Krispy: Animated Waterfallkrispyxf on February 4th, 2008 04:14 am (UTC)
Yeah, I've seen My Cousin Vinny. I love that film.

Oh, and Willie Aames wasn't in The Blue Lagoon with Brooke Shields -- that was Christopher Atkins: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0080453/ (the two of them did look a bit alike). Willie was in the MUCH lesser known Paradise with Phoebe Cates: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0084469/
Sacha: ralph postersacha on February 4th, 2008 02:44 am (UTC)
Ralph Macchio has been my favorite actor since I saw "The Karate Kid II" in theaters when I was 7. :)

I used to love "Eight is Enough" as well when it was in re-runs. :)
lux_roark on February 4th, 2008 07:03 pm (UTC)
Oh no, not Bibleman! I was at a friends place babysitting her kid and watched that.
vixvix on February 5th, 2008 12:24 am (UTC)
AWESOME post. I never watched the show all that much but I liked Susan for some reason. I think it was her hair.
Krispy: Laura & Steele Finally Sleeping Togetherkrispyxf on February 8th, 2008 07:27 pm (UTC)

Thanks! I liked Susan, too (better as a red-head than when she turned blonde on us).
kh7mt on August 29th, 2009 11:09 pm (UTC)
Brian Patrick Clarke
I was able to save the large pics of Brian Patrick Clarke on imdb.com. Would you like me to email them to you?