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This is my first ever howtheylooknow post...long time member, but i've never thought about doing a post. Here's one on two of my favorite movies from the 80's...BREAKIN 1 and BREAKIN 2:Electric Boogaloo!

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First, we have Lucinda Dickey, who played rich girl and jazz dancer Kelly. She didn't want to follow the rules!
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I couldn't find an after of Lucinda. She last acted in the Perry Mason show back in 1990. Before she was a big break dancin star, she was a solid gold dancer. She also danced in Grease 2. Lucinda is married to one of the producers of the show "Survivor". She lives in California with her husband and 2 children.

Next, Adolfo Quinones, aka "Shabba-Doo", who starred as Ozone. He was suspicious of Kelly first, and then fell in love. In Breakin 2, their world was almost torn apart when she was going to go to dance. Somehow, they managed to save Miracles and their love.
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Sadly, the after picture i got from would not save to my computer. Although I have to say, he pretty much looks the same. Adolfo danced with Bette Midler's stage show in 79 before becoming a star on the big screen. He has directed and produced several movies, joined the AFI institute, and started a production company, "On Q" Entertainment. He currently runs a dance facility in Tokyo.

On to Ozone's partner in crime, Turbo, played by Michael Chambers, aka "Boogaloo Shrimp"!
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And now...
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Michael has had a fairly successful career as a dancer. He was Michael Jackson's personal dance instructor in the late 80's, appeared in Bill&Ted's Bogus Journey as a dancer, was "Urklebot" on Family Matters, and was last seen in Missy Elliot's video "I'm Really Hot". Michael has a son and will possibly be putting out an instructional video of his dance moves. His most recent appearance was judging a dance competition in France. Fun fact: he played the cat character in Paula Abdul's video "Opposites Attract". He has a website,

Who could forget Christopher McDonald as Kelly's agent, James?
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That's him driving the car.

And now...
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Christopher is best well known for his character Shooter McGavin in the movie "Happy Gilmore". He has made countless TV appearances and has been in tons of movies. Christopher also starred in Grease 2 before he did Breakin. He has many projects in the works, including The Drummer, Rumor Has It, and Funny Money.

Finally, the villian of Breakin 1...Franco!
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Unfortunately, I couldn't find an after picture of Ben Lokey. His most recent movie appearance was in 1987's "The Long Walk Home". Ben was a professional dancer and was a dancer in Michael Jackson's "Thriller" video before being on Breakin.

Here are some of the characters from Breakin 2:

Susie Coelho (credited as Susie Bono) as Rhonda:
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and now: Image hosted by

Susie was married to Sonny Bono at one point. She also hosted a show on HBO back in the 80's, and had a show on HGTV.

Sabrina Garcia as Lucia:
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Unfortunatley, I couldn't find any more information about her. She hasn't acted since Breakin 2.

Finally! Ice-T as the EmCee at all of the Breakin 1 and Breakin 2 dance offs:
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I couldn't find any pictures from his breakin days. But we all know what Ice-T is up to. Definetley the most successful cast member!!

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